In this section of our web site, we hope to briefly outline and explain the ins and outs of Private Hire Licensing. Here goes !

Classic vehicles at the moment do not need to be licensed for weddings or funerals. However, they are only permitted to carry passengers on wedding business only which is classed as the journey from your house to the church, and from the church to the reception. Any other journey is regarded as a Private Hire and therefore the operator, vehicle and driver must be licensed by a Local authority in order to be legal. Failure to have a license means that all insurance is invalid for that journey and the operator can be stopped and prosecuted.

For any other journey, such as from the reception to the airport or hotel, or for a day out at the races the company needs to be licensed. We are the only classic car company with 9 seats or less to be licensed by a local authority. If you know of any, please let us know so we can say hi and be part of a very small and special group.

Advantages for you travelling in a Licensed VW:

Perfect Day Weddings & Events therefore have the following Licenses from Canterbury City Council

For more information regarding licensing and private hire please go to :